My roots are planted deep in the soil of the south. I do enjoy venturing outside of my comfort zone and running to places I’ve never been before, believe me. But, I was born with a mouth that waters for spicy mudbugs, ears that long for the harmonica, and a love for small towns where people are always polite and know how to have a good time. I believe the best way to spend the Fourth of July is on the water with a few bay boats tied to one another, loaded with family and friends watching fireworks fill the night sky while Ray Charles streams from the radio.  There’s no place quite like Louisiana.



I was born with “tiger blood,” (or so Charlie Sheen would say). But really, I am proud to call myself an LSU tiger. This is my last semester as a journalism student in LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication, and I am embracing every minute.  Soon the time will come when I will no longer be walking amongst these talking university walls, but my professors and classmates have prepared me for that day. It’ll be the day I continue to write and continue to learn. And there’s always the famous roar from Tiger Stadium for when I miss those talking walls.


I’m a proud Country Roadster who can honestly say I’ve found a remedy for my struggle with putting my feet on the floor in the morning. Apart from the festival-going, weekends away and the food and wine galore, I’ve found my niche at Country Roads magazine, my home as a writer.  I love a good read. I love to laugh. I love to tell about interesting people and places because they are what keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously in our crazy everyday life.

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